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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
2:34 pm
 really folks, we gotta play soon. 
and maybe even film. cause i am having withdrawl like kate from coke.
Monday, May 29th, 2006
4:45 pm
it was a long game. many played. only four made it to the first ever. second photo shoot.
1:08 pm
Sunday, May 28th, 2006
1:55 pm
Here is a key for all of the names from last nights cycle:

Arrico Tampico-Christian
Tetnus Vaccination-Sam
Rabbi's Vaccination-Sarah
12:47 pm
What a fab cycle ladies!!! Here are my picks:

Best Walk: Ariella and Arrico Tampico
Worst Walk: Chaniqsquaw
Best Photos: Ariella and Cherise
Worst Photos: Arrico Tampico
Best Poses: Rabbi's
Worst Poses: Vonika
Best Pair: Uula and Moniqia
Worst Pair: Vonika and Luna
Best Moment: The Famous pairs round
Worst Moment: Arrico Tampico making up a story that someone had hit him, causing him to bleed. The story turned out to be false, just Arrico creating drama
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
12:07 pm
Hey girls! I hope you are all prepared for tonight's cycle of ANTM!!!! Y'all better bring your A-game because I am expecting fabulosity!!!!
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
8:09 pm
Girls sorry for the lack of Top Model but i have been out of the country doing tons of photo shoots!!! be prepared to recieve some Tyra Mail in the next few days. I hope you can all be there!
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
9:16 pm
Hey there girls!! What a fab cycle!!! Here are my picks
Best Walk: Dyke (in the beginning) and Dara Pumkin
Worst Walk: Cathan
Best Photo: Danny
Worst Photo: Dara Pumkin
Best Outfit: Dara's with the suitcase and the outfits in the pairs/theme round
Worst Outfit: Almost everything Janice made for Tyra and Danny
Best personality: Sasashqua Jesus
Worst Personality: Cathan
Best Moment: The pair round and Dara revealing who she was in the imitation roung
Worst Moment: Anything involving Cathan
5:41 pm
okay girls so here are my photo pics:
best: catie!!! by far. just a fab pic
next kristen. i like the pic but i want to see more edge
next audrey! damn you are creative. not really sure what this picture could sell though... but you look very french. and awesome!!
next mara. hmmmm... this picture... i like the face but you just look kinda trashy. yup.
next, well not even next like wayyy far a way in the galaxy of ugly, kate. this picture sucks. i hate it. i didn't even want to post it. gross. ick bad. i should just kill all cameras.
and the pic of jean and mere is in there cause lets face it, it's the best damn picture ever!

Current Mood: crazy
4:46 pm
okay whats going on?
Hey sluts it's Janice
here are my picks
best walk:Dyke at the beginning
worst walk:Cathen
best outfit:Dara's suitcase one or Dyke's excercise one
worst outfit:broke back with the shame rock ass
best food:Janice's awesome cake
best moment:when mara (can't remember her name) got stuck in her dress/the pair round
well I have to go get uuuuuuuuu I mean run some errands bye!
12:14 pm
Oh....another amazing cycle of ANTM. Here are my picks:

Worst Attitude: Cathin (Christian)
Best Pair Models: Sascachua Jesus and Dani Peprika (Jana and Sarah)
Best Walk: Dani and Sascachua when they were together but then when solo: Dani
Worst Walk: Cathin
Best Outfit:Sascachua Jesus and Dani Peprika's during the pair walk.
Worst Outfit: The outfits Janice choose for Tyra and Dani
Best Personality:???? Not Quite Sure...
Worst Personality: Cathin Cathin CATHIN!
Best Moment: When Beck came into the room.....I don't know..can't think of one! There were do many amazing moments.
Worst Moment: When Cathin gave all the other models "The Bird" when getting eliminated
Best Round: The Pair round and The Motherly Photo Shoot
Worst Round: Inpersonation Round
Sunday, March 19th, 2006
3:48 pm
Cycle 9! WHAT WHAT!!!
Hey girls, this is a cycle 9 recap!!!

The season started off with Tyra telling the girls that this season was to be the SUPER EXTREME season and that she would not take any boring outfits. The girls introduced themselves and they looked like a fierce bunch. There was Sunbeam (Sarah), Penelopy (Audrey), Misty (KatieFerry), Ashanta (Mara), Ascea (Kristen), and Gameria (Catie). After introductions, Tyra announced that their first test was to be a one-walk fashion show where they would only have one chance to show the judges what they had. The fashion show was interesting with only Gameria and Ashanta making any impact on the judges, while Penelopy and Misty floundered. At elimination, the girls were scolded for not bringing it at all. Gameria and Ashanta were called first followed by Ascea and Sunbeam leaving Penelopy and Misty in the final two. In a twist, the judges did not eliminate anyone but warned that the girls had better step it up. The next challenge was a three walk fashion show with a twist. The girls would be walking in pairs and the girl would did the best in the pairs would go on to the next round. The pairs were Ascea/Ashanta, Gameria/Penelopy, and Misty/Sunbeam. Gameria and Penelopy worked very well together while Ascea and Ashanta were competing heavily and Ascea overtook Ashanta. Misty was a disaster with Gameria totally overtaking her. At elimination Gameria, Sunbeam, and Ascea were sent on followed by Ashanta. Penelopy and Misty found themselves in the bottom two again but this time Misty was eliminated for not living up to her potential. The next round was an five-round walk where the judges said that they only wanted SUPER EXTREME outfits. This round was dominated by two girls:Sunbeam and Penelopy. They both had the walks and outfits down to a "T". Ashanta was hit and miss while Gameria's walk was weak but had strong outfits. Ascea however fell apart and failed at both tasks. At elimination, Sunbeam and Penelopy were called first followed by Gameria with Ashanta and Ascea in the bottom two. After much deliberation Ascea was eliminated for not following Tyra's directions. The next rounbd was the designer round with Ashanta designing for Penelopy and Gameria designing for Sunbeam. Gameria and Sunbeam got a long very well and were sent on through to the next round while Penelopy and Ashanta bickered and Ashanta was eliminated. The next round consisted of an interview and a two walk fashion show. Penelopy and Sunbeam who were so strong in previous rounds were very weak during the interview while Gameria soared. Sunbeam brought it back for the fashion show and was very strong while Gameria and Penelopy were both weak. In the end the finalists were Sunbeam and Gameria with Penelopy being eliminated. The final round was a five round fashion show with guest models Miss Tyra and Janice!! Miss Tyra and Janice dominated of course but the other two girls were very equal. The judges went back and forth but in the end America's. Next. Top. Mo. Del. was.......

12:09 pm
Hey there girls!!! This last season was the SUPER EXTREME season and may I say that it really was super. And extreme. And season. Congratulations to Gameria (STD)!!! My picks:

Best Walk: Sunbeam
Worst Walk: Misty
Best Outfit: Sunbeam's with the lion
Worst Outfit: Misty's first outfit
Best Personality: Sunbeam and Penelopy
Worst Personality: Ashanta
Best Moment: The Extreme runway
Worst Moment: Stand-in judges not giving good critiques

Girls y'all better post with your own picks!!

Sunday, March 12th, 2006
10:36 pm
Hey girls sorry this has taken so long but I have been doin some shoots and you know. But here are my picks for last weeks game!:

Best Walk: Chastney
Worst Walk: Mugrita
Best Poses: Chastney and Amber
Worst Poses: Janai
Best Photos: Chastney
Worst Photos: Mugrita
Best Outfits: All of Amber's
Worst Outfits: All of Tostido's
Best Moment: Chastney falling into the wall
Worst Moment; Janice's brother turning off the power right before the final round

So girls I am still waiting for your picks!

Saturday, March 4th, 2006
11:57 am
season 5.
all today.
watch or fall hopelessly behind.
Friday, February 17th, 2006
6:51 pm
Okay girls, this has taken a while but here are my picks from last season:

Best Walk: Taquita and Jean
Worst Walk: Penny's runway dancing
Best Poses: Jean
Worst Poses: Nora and Ashlin's hair-flipping
Best Photos: Penny and Jean
Worst Photos: Taquita
Best Outfit: The majority of Penny's outfits
Worst Outfit: The summer-boa disaster Jean made for Janice
Best Moment: Janice falling again
Worst Moment: Harsh critiques from the ousted girls

What do you think girls?? Agree or disagree and then post your picks!! Love y'all!!
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
8:34 pm
WTF???? Hey T'all this is Kimber. I just found out that my best friend Jean won ANTM a few weeks ago! Well let me tell you this Tyra and ANTM staff.....I will ALWAYS be America's Next Top Mo Del!! I can't belive this! I come back from 3 weeks of rehab and find this happening! Whatever! I will never talk to you again Jean! Suck IT!

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, January 16th, 2006
10:30 pm
Congratulations, Jean!!! You really rose to the top and deserved to win!!

My picks:
Best Walk: Marsaila
Worst Walk: Margaret Rafe
Best Photos: Marsaila
Worst Photos: Clowey
Best Poses: Jean
Worst Poses: Isibella
Best Outfit: The black and white cute outfit Jean made for Tyra
Worst Outfit: The cute outfit Shanda made for Janice
Best Moment: Janice falling down the stairs
Worst Moment: Tyra fighting with the judges and Margaret Rafe breaking Janice's pumps
8:00 pm
This is America's Next Top Model....Jean! Suck it Kimber! I can't believe I won! I have worked so hard for this and it finally happened! YES!!!


Current Mood: surprised
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
4:02 pm
I am so excited for ANTM!! Janice don't do the crack before you come! :)


Current Mood: energetic
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