Lost in my head (smartiegurl) wrote in gstnexttopmodel,
Lost in my head

Okay Girls! After our biggest round ever I have pics!! I'll post my favorites cause there are alot of them!!

First off, Best Head Shot:

This one is good. I love the compostion and how her face is framed! Plus the innocence it conveys.
But this one is my fave!!

one of the best antm photo's ever!!!!!

now to Body Shots:
this one really gives the sense of a doll. i like. i like.

i also like this one. i feel like it's a stetson for women ad.

plus she did a great job chosing her backdrop. a little sexy but hey, it's mara. what do you expect??

Now for hororable Mentions:

mostly i feel bad cause i didn't upload this one... sorry jean! i mean rabies!

and this one was well thought out. wanted more color though...
but i liked how the curtain kinda looked like a curtain for a puppet show

isn't christian a pretty gurl?? i think so.

i also like how the couch is slanted but christians straight up and down.

cause we all know i'm a hot military ho. fo sho.

ps i loveee these pants!!

and kristen the barbie doll. isn't she just like wayyy pretty!!

alright now i'll post the next round of pics in another entry.
and if anyone wants to see a pic i didn't post let me know and i'll put it up!!
: )


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