Lost in my head (smartiegurl) wrote in gstnexttopmodel,
Lost in my head

and the final four are, in a look like an animal shoot.
Rabies dressing as a sloth
Cherise dressing as an owl
Dawnrashev as an elephant
and Areilla as an eel. oooooooooooooooo

love the face, dear!! love the face.

not bad but i should've moved the boa and closed the blinds... ehh oh well...

can you say anything but "how cute is jana?????"

this is cool pic. i likey.

check the eyes. check the eyes.

so that concludes the photos for this cycle. again if there were any you didn't see and wanted to, let me know.
love much,

it was a long game. many played. only four made it to the first ever. second photo shoot.
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